South Caucasus Pipeline (SCP)

SCP is a 692 km long (443 km in Azerbaijan and 249 km in Georgia) and 42 inch diameter pipeline. The pipeline was built to transport natural gas from Shah Deniz field to Georgian-Turkish border. First gas to Turkish border was delivered in 2006. In order to have minimal impact on environment, SCP was built in the same corridor as Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan pipeline. The pipeline is owned by “South Caucasus Pipeline Company Limited”. The annual transportation capacity is 7.41 bcm.

South Caucasus Pipeline Expansion (SCPX)

The expansion implies the construction of a new 48 inch pipeline looping SCP at Azerbaijani and Georgian territories as well as the construction of two new compressor stations in Georgia. New pipeline is approximately 489 km long (424 km in Azerbaijan, 63 km in Georgia and 2 km in TANAP interconnection). The new pipeline started operating on 30 June 2018.

As a result of the expansion, SCP’s throughput capacity is expected to reach approximately 23.4 bcma, which would triple the current overall transportation capacity of the system. SCP’s capacity may be further expanded to 31 bcma, if needed. The pipeline has been linked to TANAP at the Georgian-Turkey border, thus enabling the transportation of natural gas further to Turkey and Europe.

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SCP: 42 inch SCPX: 48 inch
Total length
SCP: 692 km SCPX: 489 km In Azerbaijan SCP: 443 km SCPX: 424 km In Georgia SCP: 249 km SCPX: 63 km TANAP interconnection (Georgia-Turkey border) SCPX: 2 km
BP: 28.83% TPAO: 19% Petronas: 15.50% SOCAR: 10% Lukoil: 10% NICO: 10% SGC: 6.67%